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Choosing Your Thread Color

There's no escaping having your thread show when you do bead stitching, and it will show more in some stitches than others. Whether your thread matches or contrasts with your bead colors is a design choice to use to your advantage. Here are a few examples of choices I made:

In this circular brick stitched piece, the thread is very visible, but the green WildFire® color is quite camouflaged in the beadwork – even at close inspection.

Right angle weave uses multiple thread passes, so choose a matching color and keep your stitches neat. The shape of your beads reveals more or less thread, too. You can see a lot of thread between the bicone SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS used here, but the green WildFire acts as a neutral hue and recedes nicely.

Thread shows along the edges of peyote-stitched beadwork. The WildFire frost color is almost invisible against the clear seed beads in this ring.

Black WildFire was used in flat herringbone with size 8 Delica beads, so even though this stitch reveals thread, the consistent dark thread color works with all the bead colors.

On the other hand, why not use the thread as part of your design? I deliberately chose green WildFire and used it to show as an added detail in my Diamond Bail Pendant.

Now my question is, when is the next color of WildFire coming out and what new design options will it offer? I can't wait!

Leslie Rogalski
Beadalon Design Team Member