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Chaimaille with Pearls: Lauren Andersen

I love combining pearls with the ancient art of chainmaille. I set the pearls inside KatiedidsTM 19.5mm Stick pieces. Aren't they fabulous?

I took a headpin, threaded it through one end of the Stick, added three Swarvoski® rose colored pearls to the headpin, then threaded the headpin through the other end of the Stick. I coiled the headpin to make it look like a link in a chain so that it would seamlessly fit with the chainmaille weaves.

On the earrings, I used the Byzantine weave found in my "Basics Of Chain Maille" book, and for the choker I used the Half Persian 3-in-1 weave from my "Advanced Chain Maille" book. Also on the choker I added six Swarvoski® pearls to head pins and made a simple loop on each then added these pearls to the first link in the chainmaille. Have fun!

-Lauren Andersen
Beadalon Design Team Member