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Quick & Easy Summer Earrings: Katie Hacker

• 22 gauge lemon meringue Artistic Wire
• 2 purple 30 mm MOP bead frame ovals
• 2 aqua 8 mm rounds
• 2 yellow 6 mm rounds
• 2 pink 6 mm cylinders
• 2 silver kidney ear wires
• 2 silver head pins
• 2 silver beaded rings

• Instructions •

For each earring: Cut a 6" length of lemon meringue wire. Coil it around the lower outside edge of the bead frame. Pass a head pin through the aqua bead, silver ring, yellow bead and one hole on the bead frame. Make a basic loop to attach it to an ear wire. Squeeze the ear wire shut above the dangle. Cut a 3" wire length and coil it around the ear wire.

You'll find more fun earring ideas in the Design Workshop at!

-Katie Hacker
Beadalon Design Team Member