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Colorful Wire Bracelet: Susy Garner

Everyone loved this colorful Artistic Wire & German-Style Wire bracelet at the CHA Show last month. Here are instructions for making your own!

 24 ga Artistic Wire® (3 colors), 7.5 ft. each color
 20 ga round Beadalon German Style Wire in gold or silver 1.75 ft.
• 4 mm bicone crystal beads in coordinating colors (6 in one color & 4 each in the other two colors) - 14 beads
 Toggle in either gold or silver
 Flush cutter
 Round nose pliers
 Flat nose pliers
 Chain nose pliers
 Nylon jaw pliers
 Beading Awl
 1.5 mm (US #000) metal knitting needle 
and/or a coiling tool with a 1.6 mm mandrel

Create a whimsical bracelet with colorful Artistic Wire and this unique technique.
Skills: Must know how to make a wrapped loop. 
1. Straighten and flush cut a 30" length of 24 ga wire in one of the colors of Artistic Wire.

2. Create a 2" coil by wrapping the 30" length of wire onto a 1.6 mm mandrel (if using the coiling tool) or onto a 1.5 mm (US #000) metal knitting needle.

3. Slide the coil off the mandrel or knitting needle.

4. Grabbing both ends of the coil, carefully stretch the coil out to approximately 14" long.

5. Crush the stretched coil between your fingers and/or hand, wadding it up into a ball. Be careful not to stick yourself on the wire ends. Use the nylon jaw pliers to help crush and shape the ball. Tuck any loose ends back into the wire wad with chain nose pliers.

6. Skewer the wire wad ball through its center with the beading awl or knitting needle to create a hole for the Wire Wad bead. Adjust the bead's shape if needed.

7. Repeat this bead making process until you have made 3 beads in one color and 2 beads each of the other two colors. You should have 7 Wire Wad beads in total.

8. Flush cut seven 3" pieces of 20 ga round Beadalon German Style Wire.

9. On each 3" piece of 20 ga round wire, string on the beads creating 7 beaded sections. Beaded sections consist of: one Wire Wad bead, and two coordinating color bicone crystal beads (one bicone crystal bead on either side of the Wire Wad bead).

10. Using the round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and flat nose pliers, attach the bead sections and toggle together by creating wrapped loops on either end of the 20 ga wires.

TIPS: If the bracelet is too short, consider making a few more Wire Wad beaded sections to lengthen the design.
Experiment with varying lengths of wire to create larger or smaller Wire Wad beads.