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Everyday Inspiration: Fernando Dasilva

What inspires you to make jewelry?
My inspiration comes from the desire of support myself through my creations. Some days I get inspiration from my spirituality, some days from my culture, other days from my dreams and some days I have no inspiration whatsoever. Sometimes even when I don’t feel inspired and I have a request for a new design, I start manipulating components and something uniquely fresh comes, and then in those days I am just lucky.

What has been inspiring you lately?
I love fashion and wish everyone could have seem the Alexander McQueen: Strange Beauty exhibit at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Amazing!

Where will we find your newest designs?
I'm still doing a lot of designs based on the ideas in my book, Modern Expressions (North Light 2010). I've been appearing on JTV's Jewel School, making designs for Beadalon and John Bead and am working contributions for Bead Style magazine.

When I'm not making jewelry...
I am cleaning and rearranging my house, cooking, listening to music, reading pop magazines, catching a movie, visiting an art exhibition or daydreaming about the future.

Fernando Dasilva
Beadalon Design Team