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Beading Adventures in Kiev Part 1: Dale Cougar Armstrong

Many years ago, when I began manipulating wire to make jewelry designs, becoming an instructor was not even on my 'dreams' agenda. Obviously my life changed and I really love teaching, especially "travel-teaching"! Recently I was invited to return to Kiev, Ukraine as an instructor at The Fairy Beads Festival, produced by publisher Yuri Shumansky. One of the best features of my experience is that Beadalon sponsored the wire supplies I needed for my classes!

I was one of two invited international instructors, along with Patty McCord, a fabulous beader from Nottingham, England. We were both very honored to have been judges for the festival's jewelry competition, showcasing some of the most amazing beadwork either of us has ever seen.

One of the beading contest winners.

As a sponsor, Beadalon also had a lovely full page ad in the show program and was mentioned about everywhere during the festival, including the winner's certificates!

Two of the very happy winners of the beading contest came to thank me for being in Kiev as a Beadalon representative!    

All of our "Master Classes" were small, which made it easier for those of us who do not speak the native language. I taught 4 classes to some excellent students, who learned very quickly and were very pleased with their results. Before long, I could almost understand some of their questions, but with "hands-on" learning, there really is no language barrier when it comes to jewelry creation!

Learning to frame a cabochon using German Style, silver-plated wires from Beadalon.

Two of my students show off their finished pendants.

Students from both Russia and Ukraine took classes with me. Here we are making my Tail Feather earrings.  

Dale Cougar Armstrong

Beadalon Design Team Member