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Marrakesh Necklace: Leslie Rogalski

The lushness of this exotic-looking necklace comes from layering three chains adorned with different embellishment. Varied sizes of Quick Links and connectors hang from two of the chains, and the third chain has eye pin dangles with rubber tubing sections and Swarovski crystals. Work from the middle out of each length of chain, leaving bare chain where it will curve around the back of your neck when worn. The chains hang at slightly graduated lengths but overlap:

Shortest chain: rolo chain with 20mm SP round rings, connected at every 6th link with medium connectors.

Medium Chain: elongated SP cable chain with 10mm SP round Quick Links connected at every other chain link with medium connectors.

Longest Chain: Fine cable chain with dangles at every seventh chain link. The dangles are eye pins strung with 1 size 4mm comet argent light Swarovski bicone, 1 Beadalon Frost  rubber tube ¾"section, and 1 more comet argent light 4mm bicone. Attach these to the chain with a wire wrapped loop.

To attach the clasp (I used the Upper Clasp 14.2 mm silver spring ring with clear crystals) simply string each of the 3 chains at the ends of the necklace onto silver jump rings. Use a small connector to attach the loop of the spring ring clasp to the jump ring at the other end of the necklace.

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Leslie Rogalski
Beadalon Design Team Member