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Madly in Love Necklace: Fernando Dasilva

Get ready for Valentine's Day with this sweetheart of a necklace!

BEADALON components:
•1 spool Beadalon 49 strands 024” silver color JW12SP-10
•70 silver-plated 4mm round jump rings - 314B-002
•2 silver-plated medium back ring ear wires – 308B-220
•7 silver-plated 9mm pinch bail pendants – 327B-051
•3 silver-plated 12mm pinch bail pendants - 327B-059
•32 silver-plated #2 crimp tubes – 305X-129
•32 silver-plated 5mm crimp covers – 349B-013
•1 rhodium-plated round heavy Upper Clasp with large crystal – 303W-329
•5 inch piece of silver-plated large rolo chain – 340B-080

•Nipper tool – 202S-001
•Standard bead crimp tool – JTCRIMP1
•Mighty crimp tool – JTCRIMP3

•9 - connectors – aquamarine by Jolee’s (ACMoore)
•8 12mm crystal wild heart pendants – article 6240
•3 17mm crystal wild heart pendants – article  6240

Creating stringing wire circles

1. Cut thirty pieces of 3 inch length of stringing wire.
Take one piece and string a crimp tube onto wire and then go back into the tube to form a circle. Eye ball a half-inch circle and then crimp the tube. Trim excess wire and then make 21 more of those and set aside.

2. Repeat step 1 to make similar circles of wire measuring ¾ of an inch, slightly larger than the previous one. Make 6 more of those and set aside.

3.   Open a 4mm jump ring and then scoop up to one of the loops of an aquamarine connector, one small circle and one larger circle. Open another jump ring and then attach on same fashion to opposite loop of aquamarine connector and to both wired circles. Please, use picture # 1 as guidance.

4. Make seven individual sections like the one shown on picture #1.

5. Use 4mm jump rings to connect 6 sections together and add the last section on vertical way using six jump rings, mimicking a center section of a rosary.

6. Begin to cover all tubes using silver-plated 5mm crimp covers.

7. Open all small pinch bail pendants. Use nipper to cut off the bail portion leaving only the top loop. Open a small pinch bail pendant and attach around top hole of a crystal heart. Repeat to attach pendants in all crystal hearts. Use large pinch bails with large crystal heart pendants.

8. Open a jump ring to attach small heart pendant to far end circle of one side of necklace. Skip a circle and then add a large pendant. After that add a second small heart pendant.  Add a large crystal to last circle of vertical section. Repeat on same fashion on reverse to finish this section.

9. Add four small circles of wire to the structure of the necklace. Use picture #2 as guidance. Note, that the main structure of the necklace is already formed. You must hung crystal heart pendants on the pattern below:

2 small +1 large + 2 small + 1 large(center) + 2 small + 1 large + 2 small

10. Use chain nose pliers to open end link of rolo chain and attach direct to one of the end circles of necklace. Open opposite end link of chain and attach to one of the loops of upper clasp. Repeat on the other side of necklace to finish.

Fernando Dasilva
Beadalon Design Team Member