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Take it Easy: Leslie Rogalski

Give your fingers and eyes a break now and then by working in a different size and technique. I love switching off from small and time-consuming seed beads to work in larger materials, use different tools, and design in different techniques.

This doesn’t mean I give up using materials I love. I had fun recently playing with Beadalon rubber tubing in different sizes. Here's a pendant using thin pieces of rubber tubing cut into different lengths. These pieces are simply strung on 19 strand beading wire with Swarovski Siam elements held on the tips with crimps. Coil an easy loop for a bail with 22g Artistic wire and hang on a chain. 

A single cast off snippet of thick rubber tubing found a home in another necklace, once I had samples of the absolutely fabulous Swarovski crystal mesh in hand! Using a Beadalon bead enhancer bail around the tube, I hung pieces of the mesh from the bail with a single jump ring. SO easy and fast! Wired the tube with loops and added it to a chain.

So take it easy sometimes and you'll be surprised how much creativity you generate!

Leslie Rogalski
Beadalon Design Team Member