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Feather Necklace: Fernando Dasilva

Feathered hair extensions paved the way for feathers to go mainstream in jewelry and accessories for spring and summer 2012. Get ready for summer with this hot necklace!

A.C Moore 
• 12 lt brown goose feathers by Touch of Nature-P.O. 176414
•2 Bead Mtl Ant Copper 20mm- 41511- item # 122
•2 Bead Mtl Ant Copper 16mm- 41511- item# 125
•6 10x 14mm tear brown sndstn - 41511- item# 66

Beadalon Components
•6 gold plated extension chain heart - 324A-014
•16 gold-plated adjustable bead caps- 329A-020 
•2 gold-plated EZ Crimp Ends- 344A-010 
•2 gold-plated EZ Lobster Clasps- 315A-220 
• 2 ft gold -plated 24 gauge German Style wire-180A-024
•6 6mm gold plated round jump rings-314A-117
•1 ft Beadalon 19 Strands .015" satin copper beading wire- JW14NCU-0 
• 1 ft gold plated round dash quick links chain- 340A-350

•Round nose pliers -201A-104 
•Chain nose pliers - 201A-103 
•Semi flush cutter blue sparkle - 202A-105

1. Cut twelve 3 inch pieces of German style wire. Working 1 inch away from one of the ends of wire, place round nose pliers and fold it next to tip, making a round loop that fits stem of feather.

2. Wrap wire gently at least 3 times around stem of feather. Make simple loop using round nose pliers and wrap around its base twice. Trim excess wire and the short remaining tale of wire. Repeat that eleven times to create similar dangles with all the other feathers.

3. Open one jump ring and slide in one feather dangle followed by one entension chain and then close the ring. Add a second feather to chain, placing it on the closest link of chain next to jump ring. Each chain dangle will have 2 feathers attached to it. Make 6 more dangles like that and set aside.

4. Feed Tip of beading wire onto EZ Crimp. Use outer jaw of standard crimper and squeeze coiled selection

5. Begin stringing components as follows:

tree shell beads, one 16mm copper bead, one goldstone tear drop, eight shell beads, one goldstone tear drop, one dangle from step 3, one 20mm copper bead,one dangle from step 3, three shell beads. Repeat pattern on reverse to finish other half of necklace.

Secure beading wire on same fashion done on step 4.

6. Split quick link chain in two sections: one section of 4 circles, and another section of five circles.

7. Use chain nose pliers to open connector of gold-plated quick link chain and attach to EZ crimp end. Using tip of the pliers attach EZ lobster clasp to end of gold link chain. Repeat the same to finish the other half of necklace.