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The easiest bangle bracelet ever!

quick easy braceletI'm still playing around with the thick gauges of Artistic Wire this week, and I love this trendy bangle that's super easy to make. It's a perfect project because it doesn't take too much wire, and you can use any beads that you have lying around - as long as they have holes large enough to fit over the wire. I like wearing a few stacked together when I want to make a bold statement.
To make the bangle, wrap the wire around the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig 3 times. Use an Artistic Wire Crimp Connector with a Mighty Jaw Crimping Pliers to secure the two wires together. (Here's a great video Wyatt did that breaks down this technique step by step.) This is my favorite Cold Connection technique. The Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers are the perfect tool to put a slight bend in the straight Crimp Tube. Use 20-24 gauge wire to wrap beads around the bangle in a symmetrical or random pattern.
Its as easy as that!
You can see the whole demo by tuning into the Facebook Live Video. As always, please post your creations on the Beadalon Facebook Page.
Happy Beading!