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You'll want to keep this one on file!

This week's Facebook Live Video was all about the (adorable) new Triangle Needle File. A file is a silent workhorse addition to your beading tool box, but one that you'll definitely get good use out of you do any kind of wire working. This file is the perfect size to both get into tight corners and smooth out any rough edges.

To show how the Triangle Needle File works, Wyatt demonstrated how to make a twisted cuff bracelet with Flat Artistic Wire. Because it will shrink up when you twist it, to make about a 6 1/2" cuff (a good size for most women), start with a piece of Flat Artistic Wire about 7 3/8". Wyatt uses the Chuck from the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo to do the twisting. And he likes to use the Snub Nose Pliers to grab a hold of the other end of the wire. Slowly crank the crank and watch the wire twist right up! Pro tip: Make sure that the ends are even so that when you make the bracelet, your ends will match.

When you take the bracelet out of the Chuck, use the Triangle Needle File to smooth out those rough ends. Use a gentle pulling motion to take the sharp edges off. Once it is as smooth as you'd like, use the smallest size of the Bail Making Pliers to turn over each of the ends. Then, you can wrap another wire around the coils by threading a piece of wire through one of the loops. Close down the loop with Bent Chain Nose Pliers to lock the wire in place, then wrap it around the coils until you reach the other end. Tuck the ends into the loop on the other end and squeeze the loop to lock them in place. Make sure you're wire is long enough! (Spoiler alert: Wyatt didn't.) Then, either use your hands or a bracelet jig to turn your bracelet into a cuff. 

Wyatt also did an extra bonus demonstration of the Battery Operated Bead Reamer with the Cup Burr Tips to smooth the end of the round wire. This tool is a game changer when it comes to making a rounded ball end on round wire. Perfect for smoothing the ends of Ear Wires!

Yvette and I were a little sneaky and got Wyatt to do a few more demonstrations with the Coiling Gizmo toward the end of the video!

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