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He came......He saw.....

Wow! I know I learned a LOT from Wyatt's Facebook Live Video this week! Did you know how easy it would be to cut your own charms out of copper sheet with the Beadalon Jeweler's Saw? Wyatt has such an amazing way of breaking down a seemingly daunting technique and making it accessible to everyone. It's reason #426 why I'm so lucky to work with him!

In the video, Wyatt gives some great tips for cutting, turning corners and what to listen for to know you're doing it right. The most important take away for me is that this is a technique that is going to take a little practice, but with time, you can get it no problem.

Since he doesn't have a Jeweler's Bench in the office, he made a holding device using a vice with the wedge part from the Ring Clamp. That's just one of the amazing tips that he gave during the broadcast. He also wrote up some extras for us to keep in mind while we're working:

  • Make sure the down-stroke on the saw is as perfectly perpendicular as possible.  If your blade keeps breaking, it’s probably because it’s not being pulled perpendicular to the work surface.
  • Hold the sheet material being cut firmly so it does not move as you saw.
  • Always keep your fingers away from the blade, luckily the blade won’t slip like a knife. But, safety first!
  • Once the piece is completely cut out, it can be hammered for an interesting finish.  
  • Use the Triangle Needle File to smooth the cut edges. Make sure to smooth both the top and bottom edges.
  • If the saw seems like it’s not cutting well, it could be time for a fresh blade.
  • Make sure the teeth of the saw blade are facing down and out (away) from the inside of the C-Frame.
  • Cutting on the inside of a design is easy! Just drill a hole large enough to fit the blade into, open one end of the blade and place it into the hole. Re-attach the blade to the C-Frame of the saw, and begin cutting inside of the item.

Design of your choice
22 gauge copper sheet
Glue - Elmers is a great choice

Ring Clamp
Jeweler's Saw
Triangle Needle File

  1. Find a design that you want to cut and either print it out or draw it on printer paper.
  2. Use Elmer's Glue to adhere the paper to a piece of 22 gauge copper sheet.
  3. Insert your blade into your saw frame making sure that the teeth are pointing down and outwards from the frame. (Wyatt shows how tight you need to make the blade in the video to get a good "ping" on the blade.)
  4. To cut the design, you want to use a push up and pull down cutting motion as you are keeping the saw as perpendicular to the cutting surface as you can. Remember - the down stroke is your cutting stroke.
  5. Once you've cut your design out of the metal, use the Triangle Needle File to smooth the edges.
  6. Use a little water to rub the paper off of your design and you're ready to go.

I've been making bracelets and pendants all week using the Razzle Dazzle Spiral Technique that Wyatt showed us a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm looking forward to carving out (get it?) some time to cut my own shaped charms and pendants out of some gorgeous sheets of metal that I have in my stash.

We've been having so much fun hanging out with you all every week on Facebook Live! Remember, you can always catch up on anything you missed live on the Video archive. See you Wednesdays at about 3:00pm EST. Until then......

Happy beading!