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Making a Bracelet with Baby Jewel Loom

Making a Bracelet with the Baby Jewel Loom <!-- Load Facebook SDK for JavaScript
Baby Jewel Loom Baby Jewel Loom.
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--> This week's Facebook Live Video was all about the Baby Jewel Loom! It was super fun to have Julianna Avelar join us from the West Coast. And a special shout out to Candie Cooper for sending her beading friends over our way!

The Baby Jewel Loom is an economical, portable, easy-to-use beading loom that is also really versatile. Back in April, we showed how to make a pendant out of Artistic Wire on the Loom, but we've been getting questions about what else you can make with it. Is the space large enough to make a bracelet? The answer is a resounding YES and in the video I'll show you how to do it.

The weaving area of the Baby Jewel Loom is 6 inches. When you maximize the space on the Loom, you can get a long enough loomed piece that you can add a Slide Connector Clasp with an extension chain to get a bracelet plenty long enough for an average size wrist.

If you need even more length, I recommend making several lengths and sewing them together.

WildFire Bead Weaving Thread
Slide Connector with Lobster Extension Clasp
2mm TOHO Cube Beads
9mm TOHO Bugle Beads

Baby Jewel Loom
Beadalon Tacky Mat
Scissors or WildFire Cord Cutter

Some tips from this week:

  • Use a Beadalon Tacky Mat to hold your Baby Jewel Loom in place while you are working.
  • Start in the middle and loom to the end. Pull out about an arm's length of WildFire and use a Chain Nose Pliers to flatten the tip of the WildFire to help thread it with the Needle. 
  • Leave the WildFire on the spool, so you won't have to add extra thread while you're looming. Then, you'll take another length of material off of the spool when you're ready to loom the other half. 
  • You can also cut the WildFire and use a Kumihimo Bobbin to hold it while you are working. 
  • When you get to the end, and it's difficult to add any more rows, flip the loom around and gently nudge the beads so that they are flush against the end. 
  • If you need to add an additional thread, zig zag the opposite way back into the the loomed piece and tie it in three different places. Don't knot on an edge though, because you want to hide the knots in the middle. 
  • Use the WildFire Cord Cutter to cut and seal the knots.

As much fun as the Live Video is, we also put together a more detailed video up over on the Beadalon YouTube page. This one breaks the Baby Jewel Loomed bracelet down even further so you can follow along and learn step by step.

Missed us live? Did you know that you can set up a notification for our Facebook Live Videos? Go to any video from our page, find the drop down menu (the three dots) and click on the "Turn on Live Notification" option. Then, you'll get a ding on your phone or computer whenever we go live!

See you next week around 3pm EST for our next Facebook Live Video!

Happy Beading,