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Easy, Sparkly Bracelet

I made one of my all time favorite projects for this week's Facebook Live Video. It's a simple bracelet made with Memory Wire, Bead Bumpers and a Manga Tube Clasp.

Memory Wire
Bead Bumpers
Manga Tube Clasp
Beads - I used 31x 5040 Swarovski 8mm Rondelles

Memory Wire Shears
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

  1. Use Memory Wire Shears to cut 1 1/2 loops of Memory Wire.
  2. Use the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to turn half of a loop on the end of the Memory Wire.
  3. Use Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers to carefully flatten the loop.
  4. Thread half of the the Magna Tube Clasp onto the Memory Wire large hole first and nestle the loop in the hole. (make sure the polarities of the magnet are correct so that the large holes are facing each other.
  5. Add a Bead Bumper to the Memory Wire.
  6. String on your beads - I use 31 x 8mm 5040 Swarovski Rondelles (I called them Briolettes in the video, oops!).
  7. Add another Bead Bumper and the second half of the Manga Tube Clasp, small hole first.
  8. Use Chain Nose Pliers to bend the Memory Wire up at a right angle and trim to about 1/8 inch with Memory Wire Shears.
  9. Continue bending the wire around on itself until the loop is small enough to be pulled through the large hole in the Magna Tube Clasp.
These bracelets look great on their own, but I really like stacking them together too. Head on over to your local bead shop,, or your craft space, gather some supplies and start creating!

See you next Wednesday at about 3:00pm EST or any time on the Beadalon Facebook Page.

Happy beading!

PS. We've had a lot of catalog requests from people watching our videos and we couldn't be happier! If you'd like to request a catalog, e-mail You can also visit the catalog page of the Beadalon website to download a digital copy.