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Make it Quick with Beadalon Quick Links!

Need a last minute project that works up in a jiffy? Look no further than Beadalon's Quick Links program! Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and finishes (and even finished chains), the Quick Links connect together with Quick Links Connectors - little peanut shaped pieces of metal that easily bend closed to capture links into place. You can find down and dirty instructions for attaching a Quick Link Connector to a Quick Link here

When I start a project with Quick Links, I put them out and just start placing them in various combinations until I find one that I like. There are so many possibilities, and of course, the real fun starts when you start adding beads to bling out the design! In the video, I show how to attach a jump ring to a top drilled bead or make a simple loop on a headpin to use a regular bead, then add them to the Quick Links Connectors to embellish my design.

This necklace is just one of an unlimited number of combinations that you can make with Quick Link Components and Connectors. Matching earrings would work up in a jiffy!


(25) Small Oval Quick Links 314B-340
(25) Large Quick Links Connectors 326B-418
(25) Jump Rings A314-20S-10-07 (or HeadPins 312B-013)
(25) 6mm Top Drilled Beads (I used Swarovski 6301 Bicone Drop 8mm Sand Opal) (Special shout out to Swarovski North America and Har-Man Beads for the Swarovski Crystals!)
Beadalon 49 Strand White Bead Stringing Wire JW12W-0
Extra Beads as necessary to finish off the strung necklace.

  1. Add a Jump Ring to the top of each of the top drilled beads (or a headpin if you're using regular beads.)
  2. Lay out your beads in an upside down triangle of 9 beads, 7 beads, 5 beads, 3 beads and 1 bead at top.
  3. Lay out each of the Quick Links on top of each bead.
  4. Lay our each Connector on top of each bead.
  5. Steps 2-4 help make sure you have all of the components that you need and makes it easy to link them all up.
  6. Start linking the Connectors together by adding the Jump Ring (or Headpin loop) onto the Connector, then the Quick Link. Close the bottom portion of the Quick Link.
  7. Add the next link to the top of the Quick Link.
  8. When you reach the top of the chain, close the remaining Quick Link.
  9. Plan out your strung design, add your beads to Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, add a Clasp and you're done!
And here's another project that I made with Quicklinks - a Mother's Day Necklace. And we made a YouTube Video that breaks it down step by step with the part numbers included as well.

Were you inspired to create something from this Facebook Live project? Have an idea for something we should feature in the future? Let us know!

Happy beading!