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Wreath Earrings with the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool

The holidays are right around the corner, and we've got you covered for gifts for the special ladies on your list (and go ahead, make some for yourself, too!). With just a few feet of Artistic Wire and the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool, you can whip up a pair of Holiday Wreath Earrings in a jiffy! In a bigger rush? Make a Pendant and attach it to a pre-made Chain and you're off.

18" of 26 Gauge Green Artistic Wire
18" of 26 Gauge Red Artistic Wire
1 foot of 22 Gauge Silver Filled Wire

Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool 
Findings Forms S Hook
Findings Forms Swoop Earwire Jig

  1. Assemble the Kleshna Weaver Tool to the ring size of your choosing.
  2. Twist the ends of one 18" piece of Red Artistic Wire and one 18" piece of Green Artistic Wire (or colors of your choosing) together.
  3. Start at the hash mark, and weave around the tool (Check out this great video by Kleshna and this one by Wyatt for more detail on how to use the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool).
  4. Weave 4 rounds with the two different colors of Wire. 
  5. Rewarp the Pins by weaving the green wires up and down the green openings. You can then take the wreath off of the Tool and continue to rewarp the red wires. Detailed instructions on rewarping can be found here).
  6. When the wires are back around to the beginning, choose which color you want to make your loop, and use a Round Nose Pliers to make a wrapped loop.Wrap the wire down up through the middle of the wreath to lock it into place.
  7. Weave the ends in a few times, and snip the end of the wire off.
  8. Take a small piece of Silver Wire and use the Findings Forms S Hook to make a bow.
  9. Attach the Bow to the top of the Wreath.
  10. Make another earring to match the first. 
  11. Use the Findings Forms Swoop Earwire Jig to make two matching ear wires. 
  12. Attach ear wires to earrings and enjoy!

I'll be making these up in all different color combinations for all of my friends and family this holiday! I hope this project has inspired you, as well. We'd love to see photos of what you make - feel free to post on the Beadalon Facebook Page and join us next week at approximately 3:00pm EST.

Happy beading!