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Tying Station Take 2 - Ladder Stitch with Beadalon Wire

As a follow up to last week's Facebook Live with Wyatt showing us how to make Beads out of Artistic Wire using the Acrylic Tying Station, this week, I featured the Tying Station again to make ladder stitch wrap bracelets with a twist. When you think about making a wrap bracelet, you probably think about using leather or cording and thread, but I like to make wrap bracelets with Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire. That way, they are waterproof and much more durable. Plus, the Bead Stringing Wire gives it a new, unique, and more grown up look.

While the Acrylic Tying Station is a great tool to make it easier to hold the Wires in place while you are weaving, you can certainly do this technique with a clip board or a bead tray.

Acrylic Tying Station and Foam Extender Plate
Tacky Mat
19 Strand .024 Bright
19 Strand .018 Bronze
(I used these in the Video, but you could use almost any combination of Beadalon Bead Stringing Wires you have in your stash.)
Clasp of your choice
Size #2 Crimp Tubes
Size 11 Seed Beads
6 or 8mm Beads


  1. Determine your length for your wrap bracelet by starting with the thicker wire. Wrap it around your wrist the desired amount of times add about 10 inches, then double it.
  2. Chose your clasp and attach it to the center of the Wire with a Crimp Tube.
  3. Place the wires over the top screw on the Tying Station with one on each side and secure the top plate. Gently pull the wires down the length of the Tying Station and secure them in the bottom plate - one on each side of the screw.
  4. Take a wing's length of the thinner Wire and secure it to both of the Wires by tying an overhand knot in the middle of the Wire..
  5. Tie about 6 knots alternating right-over-left, then left-over-right, Remove the wing nut from the top plate, push the knots against the crimp bead, and re-secure it using the Foam Extender Plate.
  6. Add a Size 11 seed bead onto one of the wires, and pass back through the seed bead with the other wire.
  7. Take each thin wire around the outside of the thick wires and up through the middle.
  8. Add two Size 11 seed beads on one wire, and pass back through both seed beads with the other wire.
  9. Using the 6 or 8mm Beads, continue with Steps 6 and 7 until your wrap bracelet is the size you wish.
  10. I didn't get to show this part in the video, but you can finish your design by threading all of your wires through a crimp tube, add the second half of your claps, and thread one of the Wires around the Clasp and back through the Crimp Tube. Crimp the Tube and enjoy!
Happy Beading!