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Wire Beads with Wyatt White

Did you know you can use the Acrylic Tying Station with Artistic Wire, too? We've done several cool projects made with Artistic Wire on the Tying Station, and this week's Facebook Live featured Wyatt's Knotted Wire Beads. Leave it to Wyatt to come up with another super creative way to turn small pieces of wire into usable jewelry components.

Once you get the basics of the Macrame Knots down, the possibilities are limitless. Use 26 Gauge Artistic Wire for a small, fine design, or 20 Gauge Artistic Wire for a more substantial piece. You could vary the size of the center Wire also, to make a bigger or smaller hole. As always, Wyatt does a great job explaining everything and inspiring us to try out even more materials and techniques.

What a great project for a last minute gift!

16-26 Gauge Artistic Wire
Acrylic Tying Station

  1. Set up the tying station with a 16 Gauge Wire as the base.
  2. Use 20-26 Gauge Artistic Wire to tie a variety of macrame knots around the 16 Gauge Wire.
  3. When you have your bead the length you'd like, slide it off of the 16 Gauge Wire.
  4. Tuck the ends of the wire into the hole from each side to lock them in place.
  5. Thread the Wire Bead onto a Head Pin and embellish.

We're getting some great momentum behind these Facebook Live Videos and are really enjoying spending time with our Beading Community once a week. Remember, you can always go back and re-watch episodes on the Beadalon Facebook Page. See you next week!

Happy beading,