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I Resolve to be More Organized!

The family of Wooden Table Top Organizers all together
Accountability is one of the most important factors in resolution keeping, so this week's Facebook Live was our two week check-in to see how we're coming with our organization resolutions. I keep my office *mostly* organized, but once I brought in one of each of the Beadalon Wooden Organizers, I was pleased with how much better it looked in my office/creative space. Not only did it look better, but objects that I am constantly searching for - like glue and sizing drums - now have dedicated homes. Less time spent looking for things equals more time creating.  That's a resolution that is definitely a quality of life improver!

Beading Station

The Wooden Organizer that I already had in my office is the Beading Station. I set mine up a little differently than we show in the catalog, and that's a great testament to how versatile of a unit it is. The top rods can be used for storing tools, or wire/wildfire/chain spools like I do. The trays hold any number of tools, findings or supplies, and my favorite part is the hooks - I hang all kinds of things from them including Kumihimo Weights and loops of Memory Wire.

Table Top Work Bench

Originally, I was going to send the organizers back up to the warehouse when I was done showing them, but now, I will definitely be keeping the Table Top Work Bench on my desk. I found all kinds of random yet important beading supplies all around my office that now have a permanent home.

I use a TTWB in my craft room at home, and it is an invaluable place for me to keep all kinds of different supplies.
Meredith's Table Top Work Bench in her home Craft Room
Wooden Organizer

The first two organizers in this series were the Wooden Organizer and the Wooden Organizer - 2 Drawer. After I had filled up the two larger organizers, I still had plenty of objects left in my office that needed a forever home. The slots, tray and drawers in these units are the perfect place to stash all of the last odds and ends. I even used some of the slots for office supplies that had previously been hanging around on my desk. 

The best part if that you can stack the Wooden Organizer on top of the Wooden Organizer - 2 Drawer to make a bigger, better unit.

Wooden Organizer - 2 Drawer
Phew! That was a lot of organizing! I hope that this short series helped give you some ideas for ways to curb the clutter. If you've set up any of these organizers, post photos on the Beadalon Facebook Page - we'd love to see you use them!

Happy beading!