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Multipliers - two heads are better than one!

This week's Facebook Live Video focused on the ingenious invention by Wyatt White, the Multipliers! This two-headed pliers cuts the time it takes to make wrapped loops almost in half! I don't know about you, but these days anything that saves me time that I can use to be doing other things is a must have. Wyatt showed how to make a gorgeous wrapped loop bracelet that one lucky viewer will receive as a thank you for joining us live. We have several written instructions for how to use the multipliers, but now that we've been using them for a bit, we've discovered an even better way to use them.

To make the wrapped loops, use your choice of Wire - Wyatt uses 18 gauge Silver Filled German Style Wire, but you can also use Precious Metal, Artistic Wire or Craft Wire. Wyatt makes his loops a little differently than I learned, but his loops are always perfect, so I think it's time for me to change up my technique.

Start by taking out a length of wire and straightening it. I like using either the Nylon Jaw Straightening Pliers or the Artistic Wire Straightener, but you can also use your fingers. To make the first loop, hold the tool so that the chain nose heads are on on the bottom and the round nose are on the top. Place the wire in between the round nose heads leaving about an inch to the right. Make a quarter of a turn, wrap the wire back over the top of the round nose, re-position the tool slightly, then finish the loop. Grasp the side of the loop with the Chain Nose part of the pliers, and wrap the tail around. Grab your Flush Cutters and snip off the end. Tuck the end of the wire in and around with the Chain Nose to finish off.

Thread your bead onto the Wire. To turn the loop on the other side, leave a bit of space, and place the wire into the Round Nose jaws. Turn the tool to create the 45 degree bend and wrap the wire around the top of the tool to form the loop. Move the loop into the Chain Nose jaws, and wrap the wire around to finish the loop.

Start your next loop, attach it to the first looped bead and repeat the steps to create a beaded chain.

This technique does take a little getting used to, but once you get it down, it really saves you time when making beaded chains. We'll be demonstrating it live at all of our upcoming shows, and hope to see you in person so you can try it out!

Wyatt also showed how to make a fun and easy Hook Clasp with the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers as a special bonus. Just make a larger loop for your first loop to hook it into for a clean finish.

I hope that giveaway winner Terri loves her bracelet made with Swarovski 5742 10mm Crystal Copper Heart Beads. Many thanks to our friends at Swarovski North America!

Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time!

Happy beading,