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Why buy it when you can make it - Part One: Stretchy Bracelets

I was so excited to be able to show some of the new Swarovski Innovations and new TierraCast beads and charms in this week's Facebook Live Video. I couldn't believe that it was over a year ago that we first debuted the Elastic Cord Needle! Over the course of the year, we made a major improvement to the Elastic Cord Needle, and released a shorter version. This shorter Elastic Cord Needle retains all of the functionality of the original needle, but it merchandises and stores better.

The shorter Elastic Cord Needle works exactly the same as the larger one. You string your design onto the needle, then grab your Elacticity or Elonga with the hooked end. Gently push your beads from the needle onto the hook, then knot your Elastic Material. If you go back to the original Facebook Live that I did on the Elastic Cord, you can watch a discussion of the differences between Elasticity and Elonga.

It took me a few days, but I finally got the double drilled Swarovski 5061 bead challenge figured out. I was making it way more complicated than I needed to! I had strung up these double drilled square spike beads on two Elastic Cord Needles. All I needed to do was thread two doubled lengths of Elonga  - one on each side - and pull them through. I'll be finishing that bracelet up on the Facebook Live Video that we do on Wednesday. Stay tuned to see if it I pull it off. ;-)

Thanks for watching and happy beading!