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Bail Me Out! All about Beadalon Bails.....

The fastest and easiest way to add a pendant to a necklace is to use a bail. Beadalon offers several sizes and styles of bails in both silver plated and gold color. I had so much fun going through all of the bails that we offer and demonstrating how to use them with lots of different shapes of Swarovski Elements for this week's Facebook Live Video.

The general instructions for using the bails is to gently open the prongs with a Bent Chain Nose Pliers, add your pendant, then squeeze the prongs shut inside the holes. Then, you're ready to add the pendant to your necklace! We offer several different styles of bails - we even have a Bail with an earwire attached!
Some of the coolest Bails we offer are the Pinch Bails. There is a special Pinch Bail Pliers that makes it even easier to use these bails. You don't need the pliers to close the bails, but they definitely make it easier, and I'm all about the easier. You can use these bails for all different kinds of pendants, and they even work with beads!
If variety is what you're looking for, the Pinch Bail Pendant Variety Pack is a great choice. It offers 4 sizes of Pinch Bails. If you need more of a specific size, they are also available separately. Sometimes, I even cut the loop off of the top if I need the pendant to hang the other way.
For flat back stones and cabochons, you can use a Glue on Bail. I didn't get a chance to demonstrate how to glue on a stone with Bead Fix Gel or E6000 Glue, but I did show how to do it with BeadFix Squares. No muss, no fuss!
We also have two sizes and styles of Pendant Bails.  These are all around versatile components for adding a drop to a necklace. I love using these with the Diamond Cut Ball Chain. You can go back and watch this video to see how that all comes together.

We also have this traditional Pendant Bail. Just slide it over your chain, attach your charm with a jump ring and you're all set.
I really like the style of this Pinch Bail. It has a little more pizzazz to it than the others. You can use a tiny pointy back stone and glue it into the dimple for a little extra bling.
Last, we have an enhancer bail. This is a finding with a hinge that opens to easily slide over a necklace that's already made. You can take it on and off to change out your pendants on different necklaces.

A couple of tips to wrap up with.... Always use small, incremental movements when opening and closing pinch bails. The tops of top-drilled pendants can be fragile, so take care that you don't end up with broken beads!

I can't wait to keep playing around with these bails and pendants. Show us what you've made by posting to the Beadalon Facebook Page! See you next week at 3:00pm EST.

Happy Beading!