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Pendants in an Instant and Super Fast Loop Crimp Ends

Instant Pendants from Beadalon are a great way to turn larger hole beads into pendants quickly and easily. I used beads that Sarah from Jesse James Beads left for me when she was here for our joint Facebook Live to make this fun necklace featured on the most recent Facebook Live

The Instant Pendants are so much fun to work with. They measure approximately 36.6mm (1.44in) and are available in Silver Plated and Gold Color in two styles - one with a Cone End and one with a Ball End. 
Gold Color Instant Pendant with a Cone End
Silver Plated Instant Pendant with a Ball End

To use the Instant Pendant, simply unscrew the bottom, add your beads, and screw it back together! You can also stack bead dangles on looped Head Pins - so you don't have to worry if you don't have large hole beads. You can add a drop of glue if you want your pendant to be permanent, but part of the fun is that you can make an easy design switch.

Instant Pendants look great hanging off of all different kinds of materials - Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, Leather, and Poly Cord just to name a few. 

The Loop Crimps Lobster Clasps Sets are the perfect way to keep the easy peasy theme going right through the ending of your design. They are available is Gold Color and Silver Plated and are sized to fit cord either 1.0mm (0.38in) or 2.0mm (0.78in).
Gold Color Loop Crimp Set - 4 Loop Crimps, 2 Lobster Clasps and 4 Jump Rings

Silver Plated Loop Crimp Set - 4 Loop Crimps, 2 Lobster Clasps and 4 Jump Rings
The tips of the Micro Crimping Pliers are the perfect width to fit in the flat space in between the rounded spaces to fasten the Loop Crimp into place. Insert your stringing material, add a drop of glue if you'd like, then use the tips of the Micro Crimping Pliers to flatten it - just the tips, not the notches. You can either add the included Lobster Clasp and Jump Rings, or use your own.

At the very end of the Facebook Live, I added a quick bonus - my favorite way to make a headpin. It's a fun and pretty easy way to turn a scrap of wire into a cool design element.

Until next week......happy beading!