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All about Artistic Wire Flat Pattern Wire

Sometimes we get so excited about a new product, we start talking about it before it's available. While that can be frustrating, it does make it even more exiting when it does come into stock! The Artistic Wire Flat Pattern Wire is one such product. We debuted it back at the Tucson shows in January, and we finally have some of the SKUs in stock!

This Flat Pattern Wire is currently available in 6 patterns in Tarnish Resistant Silver and 2 patterns in Tarnish Resistant Brass in 6 inch lengths. It's about a 21 gauge wire, and the process that it goes through to stamp the design into it means it has a nice, stiff feel to it that holds its shape really well once bent.

Some of the tools that I find indispensable for working with this wire are the Triangle Needle File (for smoothing out the ends), Bracelet Bending Pliers (for bending the flat piece into a bangle shape), the Round and Oval Sizing Drums (for shaping) and the AW Wire Shears (they cut through it like buddah!). I also love adding a twist in the wire by fastening it in the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo. The Memory Wire Bending Pliers are great for turning loops in the ends. You can also use the Hole Punch Pliers to punch holes and add dangles and connections. You even patina the wire using Alcohol Inks or Patina Paints from Ranger Ink.

To find out all about the new Artistic Wire Flat Pattern Wire, check out our Facebook Live Video from the archives. Be sure to join us every Wednesday at 3:00pm EST on the Beadalon Facebook Live page for tutorials, product information, giveaways and fun!

Happy Beading,