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Learn to make a Tassel with the Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool!

I was a little late to the Tassel Party, but when I got here, I certainly put my party hat on! And since the arrival of the Tin Cup Knotter Tool, I've been knotting every pearl I can get my hands on - especially these ones from JTV.

In this week's Facebook Live, I break down step by step how to use the Tin Cup Knotter, how to tie the perfect knot, and how to make a Tin Cup Knotted Tassel. You can attach these tassels to a necklace, make earrings, or even a purse adornment! They are a great way to use up a few extra beads from another project, or tackle that never ending bowl of bead soup.


Silk Cord that fits your beads or pearls - I used a Size 6 in Black
Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool
GS Hypo Cement
Tierra Cast Necklace Cones (or Cone of your choice)
4 inches of Artistic Wire 18-24 gauge to make the wrapped loop


Happy Beading!