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Make quick and easy earrings with a Knotted Headpin!

I subtitled this week's Facebook Live: "Oh, snap! It's the last week of school and I need to make teacher's gifts!" There is so much going on right now, so I needed a super fast and easy, but pretty and special project. What's easier and faster than earrings? And the knotted headpin gives them just a little more style and panache. Easy peasy!

2 Beads of your choice
2 Earwires

1. Cut a 3 inch length of 24 Gauge Wire.

2. Place the Wire at the tips of a Round Nose Pliers.

3. Turn a loop on the end of the Pliers.

4. Continue turning a coil of three revolutions.

5. Use your thumb to bend the wire back along the coil.

6. Turn the Wire so that the coil is on the left, and the free side is on the right. Thread the end of the Wire back through the coil.

7. Place a Nylon Jaw Pliers against the coil and hold the end of the Wire with Chain Nose Pliers.

8. Slowly pull the Wire to the right while holding the Nylon Jaw Pliers firmly against the coil.

9. Place a bead on the Wire.

10. Make a wrapped loop on the top of the Bead. 

11. Always remember to tuck in the end of your wrapped loop!

12. Attach an earwire. Repeat steps 1-11 to make a matching earring!

I've made a few more this morning for people that I added to the list last minute. Honestly, with how quickly these work up, I just might make a pair for everyone!

Happy Beading!