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Learn to make Bangle Bracelets with Artistic Wire Artsy Wire

It was a bangle bracelet extravaganza on this week's Facebook Live! We featured the Artistic Wire Artsy Wire, the AW Crimper, the 3D Bracelet Jig and Sizing Drums, Katie's Bracelet Knotter Tool, the Bracelet Bending Pliers, and the Artistic Wire Wire Straightener.

The Artsy Wire is currently available in 14 gauge in 4 colors - Artsy Burgundy, Artsy Mauve, Artsy Olive and Artsy Turquoise. It has a wonderful mottled finish that is perfect for a vintage, shabby chic look. The best part is that there are 5 AW Crimp Connectors included in the package for the perfect Cold Connection! AND we developed a new Artistic Wire Crimp Tool perfectly calibrated to work with ALL of the AW Crimp Tubes. Woohoo!

The first bracelet is one of my favorites (who am I kidding, they are all my favorites!) and couldn't be easier to make! Use the AW Straightener to straighten the wire, wrap it around the 3D Bracelet Jig 3 or more times, crimp the ends with an AW Crimp Tube, curve the Crimp Tube with the Bracelet Bending Pliers, then use some 24 gauge wire to wrap some beads onto the frame.

Then, I made an adjustable bangle bracelet with the Artsy Wire. This is always a favorite design, and the 3D Bracelet Jig and Bracelet Sizing Drums make it easy to get the sizing perfect.

Last, I showed how to use the Katie Knotter Tool to hold a bangle in place while I tied some macrame knots with B-Lon. Here's a great video all about the Katie Knotter Tool. Do you have a Tacky Mat in your toolbox? Use it to hold the foam piece down (it also works great for the Beadalon Tassel Maker and Tying Station).

Don't forget to keep the conversation going over in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Group on Facebook. We are so grateful for our beading community!

Happy beading!