All about Bead Boards

This week on Facebook Live, Product Manager and Education Director Wyatt White taught us all about the different types of Beadalon Bead Boards. My favorite part of this video is all of the wonderful comments that our viewers chimed in with. We asked people to write in with why they needed a bead board, and here are some great reasons:
  • I want a bead board because I have a small space to work on. So it would keep things more organized for me to not lose beads on the floor.  - Erin
  • I always need to leave my design overnight or for a few days and go back to it and tweak it before I'm happy to go ahead and string it so it can stay on the bead board for a little while. -Maxine
  • I love the measurements on mine so I don't have to play with measuring tape. Keeps everything together for a project. - Roberta
  • I use mine to map out the design and they're great when I have to leave and come back to work on it later. - Zona
  • I use a bead board to help me lay out my designs the way I see them in my head so I do not have to unstring it if it won’t work. - Angie
  • Bead boards are great for keeping it all together! - Karla
We couldn't have said it better ourselves! I also love all of the compartments that hold different beads in place.

One Bead Board does not fit all, so we have 6 different sizes of Boards to choose from - even a mini board that comes in the Beadalon Travel Tool Kit.
Travel Tool Kit

Bracelet Bead Board with Cover 
Bead Board with Cover

Bead Board, 20 in (50.8 cm) 
Bead Board, 34 in (86.3 cm)

Bead Board, 46 in (116.8 cm)

Bead Board, 52 in (132 cm)

With so many Board to choose from, you should be able to wrangle your stray beads into beautiful designs in no time!

Happy Beading!


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