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World's Longest Beaded Necklace!

We were honored to be involved with the efforts to break the Guinness Book of World Record's Longest Necklace! On October 3rd, 6.45 miles of beaded wire, all strung on Beadalon 7 Strand, 018" wire, circled the Pocono Raceway twice to beat the old record of 5.5 miles long. MaryAnn Corey, founder of the Portable Playhouse Organization created this goal to beat the record to help raise money to build a new cancer retreat, LonaKana

Beadalon 7 Strand Beading Wire was used. 
"We did it! On October third at the Pocono Raceway along with the officials we measured the necklace and the final was 6.45 miles! Over 4000 children local and around the country helped bead this incredible necklace, each bead was put on with love and good intentions." Corey explains, "We can’t thank you all enough for your generosity and kindness with this project." 

Final Stats:
6.45 miles
408,672.8 inches
11,352 yards
10.3 km
34,056 feet
And on the best beading wire was 1,191,960 beautiful glass beads.

Large spools used to transport the beaded strands to the Pocono Raceway for measuring. 

Below is footage as they're unloading the strands off the spools. 

This grandiose event made local news stations too! 

Corey is still raising funds for the new cancer retreat, "We are now making 26” Love Beads from this 6.45 mile necklace to help fund our project." If you'd like to help, please donate here