Paw Print Ornaments with Aluminum Artistic Wire

This week on Facebook Live, Kelli Geis joined me to teach me how to make an adorable Paw Print Ornament. She had made them for her daughter's friends at Penn State, and they're so cute, I asked her to teach me. You can make them in any team color you choose - there are 5 colors of Aluminum Artistic Wire and a whole bunch more in Copper Artistic Wire - or make them in honor of your favorite furry friend! I love the idea of adding a charm with your pet's name and/or birth stone as well.

21 inches of Aluminum Artistic Wire

Bracelet Bending Pliers
Ring Mandrel
AW Straightener
3D Bracelet Jig Sizing Drum 1.5"

  1. Place the Wire at the end of the Ring Mandrel, and roll the Mandrel to make a full loop.
  2. Take the Mandrel out of the loop, place it against the loop and turn another loop. 
  3. Repeat step 2 for two more loops - a total of 4.
  4. Wrap the tail of the Wire around the Sizing Drum to make a full loop.
  5. Wrap the tail around the loops and secure it on the opposite side.
  6. Take your Bracelet Bending Pliers and squeeze them against the bottom of the loop to make a little indent.
  7. If you'd like, use a nylon or chasing hammer to work harden or flatten the wire.
  8. Add a charm, and a hook to hang it from your tree!
We wish you all of the joys of the season and best wishes in the new year!
Happy beading,


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