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Make Beads with Yarn Scraps and the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo!

Do you have tons of leftover yarn in your craft stash? With the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo, it's super easy to make coiled beads and components using scraps of yarn! Leroy Goertz, the inventor of the PDCG, planted the idea of yarn beads in my head a few years ago when he visited the Beadalon office. There's an informative section in his booklet, Coiled Wire Jewelry with the Coiling Gizmo, called "Fiber Wrapped Beads" that I consulted for the instructions in this Facebook Live.

Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Artistic Wire Aluminum Wire
GS Hypo Cement
  1. Set up your Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo on your work surface.
  2. Insert up to a 24 inch piece of Aluminum Wire as the base of your Bead using the swivel according to the instructions.
  3. Leave about 2 inches of wire between the chuck and where you start. Wind the yarn around your wire twice.
  4. Use the GS Hypo Cement to glue one end of the yarn to the wire. Wait for the glue to dry.
  5. Hold the yarn with your left hand and turn the chuck to coil the yarn around the wire for about 15 inches (how long you make your yarn will determine the end size of your bead). 
  6. Glue the end of the yarn to the wire and allow to dry.
  7. Remove the wire from the PDCG and remove the swivel. 
  8. Insert a rod into the PDCG.
  9. Coil the wire around the rod so that all of the yarn coils up. Make two more turns of wire and remove it from the rod.
  10. Trim and fold in the wire ends.
  11. Give the yarn a hair cut if necessary to trim off the ends. 
  12. Use your bead on an Instant Pendant, or as part of a bigger design!
Bonus: Use the Conetastic Tool to make yarn bead cones for ending Kumihimo, making a tassle, or finishing a multi-strand necklace!
Thanks to Marly, Katelyn and Red Heart Yarn for providing the Reflective Yarn for this project! You can also use ribbon, sari silk or another fiber with this technique. Have you tried it? Send us a photo!

Thanks for watching and until next time - Thursday at 3:00pm EST....
Happy beading!