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Craft Month Celebration - Flower Garden Art with the Really Big Jig

It's National Craft Month, and we're celebrating by featuring crafty projects made with Beadalon and Artistic Wire on Facebook Live! The Really Big Jig is a natural choice for making large garden art like this because of its large design area - 11.25x11.25 inches. The design possibilities are limitless! Our in-house designer extraordinaire, Vlad, designed the template that I used in the video, but you could use any line drawing, or what I really like to use are connect-the-dot worksheets.


In the video, I mentioned some additional tips and tricks that I've discovered while working with the Really Big Jig.

  1. You can use the pegs from the 3D Bracelet Jig with the Really Big Jig.
  2. Use a Beading Awl to poke the holes through the paper before you add a peg.
  3. Put the Really Big Jig on a Lazy Susan to make it easier to spin around.
  4. Stand up while you are working with the jig to give better leverage and control.
  5. Spin the Jig around and back to wrap the wire around the pegs rather than just wrapping the wire around the pegs. You'll get much crisper bends and it's easier on your hands!
  6. To take the design off of the jig, gently lift the wire with Chain Nose Pliers (bonus points if you can lift if off without pulling out any of the pins!).
  7. You can use an Artistic Wire Crimp Tube to join two ends of the Wire together for a clean finish.
Do you have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments!

Until next time - Happy Beading!