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MLBS 2019 Mid-Atlantic Bead Shop Hop Opening Day!

Wyatt and I spent a beautiful Saturday celebrating the beginning of the Main Line Bead Society Bead Shop Hop at two of our local bead shops. I went to Studio 36 Bead Shop in Pottstown, PA for a Facebook Live, and Wyatt went to Blue Santa Beads in Media, PA for demonstrations.

Seventeen stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia are participating in the three week event coordinated by the Main Line Bead Society and Sponsored by Beadalon. Participants have the opportunity to win swag from each shop, including a grand prize valued at $500!

Lisa from Studio 36 makes the most beautiful painted acrylic flowers and leaves! Her process is a secret, but the results are spectacular!  I showed her how I use the Beadalon Tying Station to make an adjustable sliding bracelet. We have written instructions posted for a similar project, and the Facebook Live video shows making Lisa's flowers into "beads" to include in the design. I love going to the shop to see all of the goodies!

Put a Needle on the Record Earrings

A few weeks back, we welcomed Sol from the Bead Chest to a virtual bead party on Facebook Live! He sent a big box of beads ahead of time to play around with, and Kelly and I took the opportunity to try out a whole bunch of different Beadalon stringing materials and tools to design with.

We used Elasticity and the Crochet Hooks to crochet up a long necklace/bracelet with Trade Beads.

We used Cotton Cord and the Loop Crimp Ends to make a bracelet.

We used Hemp and the Acrylic Tying Station with the Batik Bone Beads to make a bracelet.

We used the Conetastic and Instant Pendants to make earrings.

We used 24 gauge Artistic Wire to crochet Roman Glass together into a necklace.

We made delicate earrings with Roman Glass Buttons and the Vinyl Discs as spacers.

Kelly and I had so much fun experimenting with designs, it was hard to pick the one to feature! We ended up picking these earrings which use bracelet sized memory wire and vinyl beads made from old records. 

It's a super fast and easy project that makes a big statement. I always know the project is a winner when everyone in the office want me to make it for them! I used Stainless Steel Rememberance Memory Wire, so I wanted to make matching jump rings to attach to the earwires. Because Stainless Steel German Style is harder than half hard wire, I used 26 Gauge to make my jump rings.

Bracelet Memory Wire
Bead Bumpers
24 Gauge German Style Stainless Steel
Ear Wires

Memory Wire Cutters
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
Bail Making Pliers

  1. Cut two matching circles of Memory Wire.
  2. Use the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to turn a loop on one end of the Memory Wire.
  3. Thread a Bead Bumper on the Memory Wire.
  4. Add about two inches of Vinyl Beads.
  5. Add another Bead Bumper.
  6. Turn another loop on the other side.
  7. Use the Bail Making Pliers to turn a coil out of the Stainless Steel Wire.
  8. Cut the coil into Jump Rings.
  9. Attach the Memory Wire to an earwire with a jump ring.
  10. Make a second earring to match the first.
Like I said, everyone in the office wanted a pair, so I had to go into production mode.....I can definitely say that this project is a winner!

Did you make a pair? Have you ever made earrings with Memory Wire? Let us know in the comments and post photos in the Jewelry Making With Beadalon Facebook Group!

Happy Beading!


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