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Quick Earrings with QuickLinks

The holidays are approaching quickly, and I am in a flurry of gift making! These are my go-to earrings for gifting this year. They are super simple and fast to make, and serve as a foundation for so many different embellishment techniques.

To make the earrings, you'll need:

2 Quicklinks
Diamond Ball Chain
Diamond Ball Chain Ends
Chain Maille Jump Rings
Ear Wires
Memory Wire Cutters
2 Chain Nose Pliers
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers


1. Use the Memory Wire Cutters to make a cut in the QuickLink.
2. Bend each end back in the 2mm side of the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers.
3. Cut 4 pieces of Diamond Ball Chain about 1/2 inch long (7 balls).
4. Add a Diamond Ball Chain End to each end of the pieces of Diamond Ball Chain.
5. Use small jump rings (20 gauge 7/64") to attach a piece of the Ball Chain to each of the loops.
6. Connect the ball chain ends together at the top with another Jump Ring and attach it to an Earwire.
7. Repeat the steps to make the second earring.
8. Embellish as desired!

Thanks so much to everyone for your great comments and suggestions. Our Beadalon beading community is such a generous and helpful bunch and I am grateful for each and every one of you! I hope that this project inspires your gift making this holiday season. If so, please share your creations on the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Page and join us each Thursday at 2:00 pm live or on the replay!

Until next time...happy beading!