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Making holiday wreath earrings and learning a new technique using the Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel

The Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel makes 4 sizes of rings, but in the hands of master wire worker Wyatt White, it's so much more! These wreath earrings are perfect to wear to get into the holiday spirit and to gift to your favorite holiday friends!

Originally, when we taught how to use the tool, we used a criss-cross weaving technique. With more and more practice, Wyatt came up with a new way of wrapping wire around the pegs which is not only faster, but also a little easier. You can either wrap to make an "innie" loop, or an "outie" loop. In the Facebook Live, we demonstrated the "innie" technique. Stay tuned for more information and additional projects on both of these techniques!

To make Holiday Wreath Earrings:

Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna
24 Gauge Green Artistic Wire
24 Gauge Red Artistic Wire

1. Start at the "hash mark" with about 2 feet of 24 Gauge Artistic Wire. Wrap the end around the first pin clockwise. Go behind the pin, and around the next two pins.
2. Continue wrapping back around one pin, and forward around two pins until you've gone around all of the pins three times.
3. Once you're back at the beginning, wrap two extra pins, so all pins have three loops on them, and two pins have four loops on them.
4. The "scrunchie-downie step": Take a Round Nosed Pliers and push the loops down towards the bottom of the tool to tighten everything up.
5. Gently pull the ring up to the top of the tool - but not off!
6. Rewarping the weave: Wrap the wire back between the two pegs with 4 loops and around the ring twice. Continue wrapping the wire around the ring in each of the spaces between the pins. Make sure you have two wraps between each pin (I forgot this and only wrapped once on mine!).
7. Repeat step 6 all around the ring.
8. Pull the ring off the tool.
9. Wrap the shorter Wire around the longer wire at the bottom, and make a wrapped loop with the longer wire at the top.
10. Make the bow: Take a 6 inch piece of 24 gauge wire and turn a loop about in the middle. Make a matching loop next to it. Bring one of the wires up, over and back down to wrap around the middle. Trim the ends even.
11. Attach the bow: Take a small piece of wire, and bend it in half. Slide one end through one loop on the wreath, and the other end through the next loop. Drop the bow through the space, and use pliers to tighten up the wire. Trim the wire and tuck the ends in.
12. Attach your earwire.
Repeat all of the steps to make another earring to match the first.

You can use the same technique with the Bracelet Weaver to make larger wreaths for ornaments! How fun is that? If you made the wreath, post your creation in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group, and set your reminders to join us on Thursdays at 2:00pm EST for Facebook Live.

Until next time, happy beading!