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Alternative Finishing Techniques - Using Bead Tips

Do you find traditional crimping to be challenging? If your design uses light beads, I have a great technique for you to try! Bead Tips are a great alternative way to finish off designs strung on a variety of materials - including Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, Silk Cord, and more! They are easy to use, and provide a neat finish to your design. For this project you will need:

1 strand of 2-4mm beads
(4) size 11 Seed Beads
(2) Bead Tips
(2) Size 1 Crimp Tubes
49 Strand .015 Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire
(4) Ball Chain Ends
Diamond Cut Ball Chain
(2) Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp

1. Begin by stringing one size 11 seed bead, a bead tip, one size 11 seed bead and a size 1 Crimp Tube on a 20" length of .015 Beadalon 49 Strand Wire.

 2. Even though we always say NEVER flatten your crimp tube, in this case, I'll allow it. After you've flattened your crimp, snip the end of the wire as close to the crimp as possible.

3. Use the tips of Chain Nose Pliers to gently close the clamshell portion of the Bead Tip over the seed bead and flattened Crimp Tube.

4. Use Round Nose Pliers to round the loop over.

5. Push the seed bead against the Bead Tip and add 2-4mm lightweight beads until your necklace is the desired length.

6. Add a size 11 seed bead, the Bead Tip, another size 11 seed bead and a size 1 Crimp Tube. Gently flatten the Crimp Tube with your Chain Nose Pliers and trim the end of your wire as close to the Crimp Tube as possible.

7. Use your Chain Nose Pliers to close the clamshell of the Bead Tip.

 8. Round the loop at the top with Round Nose Pliers.

 9. If you'd like, use another type of Bead Tip - the Ball Chain Ends - to add a bit of Diamond Cut Ball Chain to the design.  Cut 2 x 2" pieces of Ball Chain. Place the first ball of one length of Ball Chain in the center of the Ball Chain End.

10. Use a Chain Nose Pliers to fold the Ball Chain End together. Do this on both sides of both pieces of chain.

11. Use a jump ring to add the Ball Chain Ends to the loop on one Bead Tip.

12.  Attach a lobster clasp with another jump ring.

I really like how clean this ending looks. You can use this technique with silk cord and knotted beads, too. Just use a dab of Beadalon Bead Stringing Glue to hold everything in place!

Be sure to catch up on the technique live and in person on Facebook Live. Have you made anything with Bead Tips? Let us know in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group and join us on Facebook Live for more tips and tricks on Thursdays at 2:00pm EST.

Until next time, happy beading!