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Craft Month Project: Sea Glass Sun Catcher

Even though March is National Craft Month, every month is craft month in my world! I love working outside my comfort zone and trying new things. This Sea Glass Sun Catcher is a fast and easy project for all levels of crafters! It takes minimal materials, but yields a big impact!

Sea Glass
Hemp Cord
22 Gauge Artistic Wire

  1. Pull out a length of Hemp Cord and tie it around one side of a stick about 16 inches long.
  2. Measure out a length of Hemp and tie it around the other side to make a hanger for the stick.
  3. Cull out your sea glass and lay out your design.
  4. Working from you spool of 22 Gauge Wire, wrap it around the stone that will be on the bottom of your design.
  5. Use a back and forth wrap to capture your stone into place. Pull off a length of Wire and thread it through a few of the wire wraps to secure it. 
  6. Add your next stone a few inches up the wire.
  7. Wrap around the stone to secure it into place. Wrap around the incoming wire to lock the stone into place.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7  to secure all of the rocks into place. If you need to add extra Wire, just wrap it around to secure it and continue.
  9. Make as many lengths of Wire as you'd like and arrange them in order.
  10. Starting from the middle and working to the outsides, attach each length of Wire to the branch by looping the wire over the branch and twisting it together.
There are so many possible variations for this Sea Glass Sun Catcher! I can't wait to make some using crystal beads and pendants - maybe I'll try it on a smaller scale to hang in a window. I'm going to look for a piece of driftwood and glass on the beach this summer and make a memory hanger. 

Were you inspired by this project? Post your design in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group, and be sure to join us on the Beadalon Page on Thursdays at 2:00pm EST for Facebook Live!

Until next time, happy beading!