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National Craft Month is still in full swing, and we at Beadalon are still wearing our crafty pants! This rainbow cascade watering can is a perfect project to use the 7 strand Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire that you have in your stash. I used .024 to make sure that my project would be sturdy and hold up to the elements if I chose to put my creation in the garden.

.024 7 Strand Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire
Size 3 Crimp Tubes
Crimp Pliers
Bead Stoppers
Watering Can
Strands of Beads
Top Drilled Beads
Size 8 Seed Beads

1. Depending on the size of your watering can, cut strands of Beading Wire an appropriate length for your design. Thread the Bead Stringing Wire through one of the holes in the watering can until you can pull it through from the inside.
2. String on a seed bead and a Crimp Tube. Loop back around and through the Crimp Tube and crimp it into place.
3. Pull the wire through the other side of the watering can.
4. String on as many beads as you'd like for your design.
5. Add one Crimp Tube, one more bead, and a top drilled bead. String back through the bead, Crimp Tube and a few more beads if your wire will fit. Crimp the Crimp Tube and snip off the end of the Wire.
6. Repeat until you have the number of strands of beads that you'd like.

I love the little watering can with the opaque beads, but I'm also making one with a great big watering can and glass beads. I think that it would be perfect with clear and/or AB crystal beads, too.

What non-jewelry projects have you made with Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire? Let us know in the Jewelry Making With Beadalon Facebook Group and join us every Thursday at 2:00pm EST for the Beadalon Facebook Live!

Until then, happy beading!