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Taking String Art to the Next Level

Forget the embroidery thread, add a new level of sophistication and pizazz with colored Artistic Wire! There are so many vibrant colors available, this project uses Fuchsia, Bare Yellow Brass and Ice Blue in 26 gauge. This project was featured on our Facebook Live, watch it on the replay


  1. Print the peep image to fit on wooden plaque accordingly. 

2.  Using Modge Podge, adhere the scrapbook paper to the wooden plaque. 

3. Hammer nails alongside the perimeter of the outline. Space the nails about 1/4"-1/2" apart. Be sure to place a nail on corners, curves and points.

4. Working directly from the Artistic Wire spool, wrap the end of the wire around one of the nails. Continue to wrap across the image in a random pattern, making sure the image is filled with wire.

5. Outline the shape with the wire to finalize the wrapping. 

6. Add a quote "Hangin' with my Peeps!" with vinyl letters to the wooden plaque to finish your wire string art!