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Wire String Art: Bunny

Decorate for Easter with a fluffy tail bunny! The oval shaped wooden plaque inspired an Easter egg, and it was fun to do a "dirty pour" paint technique with vibrant colored acrylic paints. It's super easy to do, and so gratifying! The bunny silhouette was the cutest especially embellished with a Pom pom! 

Artistic Wire - 26 gauge, White
Wire Cutter
Wooden Plaque - Oval Shaped 
Acrylic Paint
Pom pom
Bunny outline image

Step 1:Paint wooden plaque as desired with acrylic paint and let dry. Follow outline of image and hammer nails about 1/4” -1/2” apart. 

Step 2: Once all nails are in place, remove the paper outline. Use chain nose pliers to remove an excess pieces of paper left behind. 

Step 3. Working directly from the spool of Artistic Wire, wrap the end of the wire around a nail several times to secure it. Continue to wrap around nails in random order until the outline is filled. 

Step 4: Glue pom pom as the tail and decorate your home with a festive wire string art bunny!

Click here for the printed instructions.