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The Bead Cap Set for the Conetastic Tool has the perfect mandrels to make Tassel Toppers!

I'm so excited that we were able to do a joint split screen Facebook Live with Wyatt White, and the inventor of the Conetastic Tool, Cone Mandrels and Bead Cap Mandrels, Sandra Lupo! It was wonderful to have Sandra join us to explain step by step how to use the tool and mandrels. We made a gorgeous coiled wire bead cap to embellish a Jesse James Bead, but I also like using this technique to make tassel toppers. The video is filled with tons of tips, techniques and inspiration for using this tool to add to your beaded and wire-worked designs.

To make a Tassel Topper:

22 Gauge MultiColor Artistic Wire
20 Gauge German Style Wire
Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Conetastic Tool
Conetastic Cap Mandrels

1. Use the smallest mandrel from the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo to make a coil of 22 Gauge Multicolor Artistic Wire about 10 inches long.

2. Gently pull the coil off of the mandrel, and snip the ends flush. Working from the spool, thread the coiled wire onto 20 Gauge German Style Wire in a complementary color.

4. Use one of the cone mandrels to make a bead cap with the coiled wire. Leave about an inch tail of 20 Gauge German Style Wire and remove it from the mandrel.

5. Bend the wire tail down at a right angle and make a coil.

6. Use a piece of ribbon or cord to make a tassel using the bottom of a wrapped loop to keep it together.

7. Place the cone over the tassel, add a bead to the top, and make a wrapped loop at the top of the tassel.
8. Use the tassel with the Captastic Tassel Topper as an embellishment for all kinds of beautiful jewelry!

Varying the gauge of the coiled wires and the base wire will make your bead cap larger or smaller. You can use the cones and caps to end designs made with bead crochet, kumihimo and more. There is even more inspiration on the Beadalon webpages and on

Until next time, happy beading!