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Have you ever tried painting on Rubber Tubing?

I've been using Beadalon Rubber Tubing in my designs for years, but not until I met Deb Floros in Tucson this year did I ever think to use paint to decorate it. The Patina Paints and Dylusions Paint Pens from Ranger Ink work so well to take the Rubber Tubing to the next level.

Deb gave us so many ideas, tips and inspiration to use this technique in beading designs. She makes painted Rubber Tubing components, strings them on either Memory Wire or Bead Stringing Wire, then adds beads to complement.

It was so generous of her to share her designs with the Beadalon community! Here are some of the great tips that she shared on Facebook Live.

1. Use a texture pad. Use a paintbrush to paint onto a texture pad. Holding the ends of the Rubber Tubing, roll it across the texture pad to pick up the design.
2. Use Paint Pens. Fill in any spaces left by texture pads with dots or doodles with Paint Pens.
3. Use a clothespin to hold the tubing in place while you work, and to prevent it from rolling as the paint dries.
4. Use a rubber stamp to add a design to the tubing.
5. Use the Square Rubber Tubing.
6. The larger tubing can be easier to paint on because it has a bigger surface area. It also makes great men's jewelry.
7. Try the Frosted Rubber Tubing for a totally different look.
8. Make sure you let the paint dry thoroughly before you touch it.
9. Use the Glaze Metal Sealer & Patina Extender from Ranger to seal the paint onto the Rubber Tubing.
10. Use Bead Bumpers to hold the pieces in place on Memory Wire.

Beadalon carries 4 different diameters of Rubber Tubing - 1.7mm, 2.5mm. 4.0mm and 6mm in Round, and 6mm in Square. Each size will make a different style.

Have you tried painting on Rubber Tubing? Share your experience in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group, and set your notifications so you'll always catch us Live!

Until next time, happy beading!