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Use Memory Wire to make festive holiday jewelry with Swarovski beads and pearls!


It brings me such joy to host my beady friends on Facebook Live, and even more so when they bring such a fun and simple project for us to make! Tory from GoodyBeads used materials from some of my favorite companies - Swarovski, TierraCast, Leathercord USA, and of course, Beadalon - to make this holiday themed bracelet and earrings set. The bracelet is super simple, and while the earrings take a bit of finagling to get the loops to line up, the result is well worth it!



8-9 inches - 5mm Braided Metallic White Round Leather

2x Silver Plated Bali Style Deep Bead Caps

Swarovski 10mm Rouge Pearl

8mm Rouge Pearls

6mm Rouge Pearls  

5mm Rouge Pearls 

TierraCast Antique Silver Christmas Tree Charm

Silver Round Memory Wire - bracelet size



Swarovski 6mm Margarita Crystal Beads in Fern Green

8mm Margaritas 

10mm Margaritas 

12mm Margaritas 

TierraCast 2 inch 21 Gauge head pins 

Small silver seed bead for the top of the crystals

Swarovski 4mm Rouge Pearls

5mm Rouge Pearls

Silver Round Memory Wire - small ring size

2x Ear Wires


Memory Wire Finishing Pliers

Memory Wire Shears

Instructions from Tory at GoodyBeads:

Bracelet –

  1. Cut 3 rings of memory wire and string on your leather. Curve the leather to make it easier to get it on the memory wire.
  2. Add an end cap to both ends of the leather. Twist the end cap to get it onto the leather.
  3. On one side add a 10mm pearl, an 8mm pearl, a 6mm pearl and 5 x 5mm pearls.
  4. Use the memory wire finishing pliers to make a simple loop going outward on the side you added the pearls to.
  5. Push everything towards the loop you just made.
  6. On the other side of the add a 10mm pearl, an 8mm pearl, a 6mm pearl and 5 x 5mm pearls.
  7. Trim the memory wire and leave a half inch to ¾ inch of wire.
  8. Using the memory wire finishing pliers, make a simple loop going outward. Alternate making tightening you loops on either side until there is no excess wire showing.

Earrings –

  1. Cut 1.5 loops of ring sized memory wire.
  2. Use the memory wire finishing pliers to make a simple loop going outwards on one end of the memory wire.
  3. String onto your wire 3 x 4mm Pearls, a 5mm pearl and 3 more 4mm pearls.
  4. If needed, trim your wire so that the straight side extends past the loop about a half an inch.
  5. On the other end of your wire make a simple loop again going outwards.
  6. Now slowly and gently continue to curl your loops a little on each side until they line up together.
  7. Put the following beads on your head pin and make a large simple loop - 1 each of a 12mm Margarita, 10 Margarita, 8mm Margarita, 6mm margarita and a small seed bead.
  8. Open the loop on your dangle and put it through both loops of memory wire so that it hangs down into the ring. Close your loop.
  9. Open the loop on your ear wire and put it through both loops of the memory wire, close the loop of your ear wire.
  10. Repeat all steps for other earring.
So pretty and so easy - my favorite kind of project! Make sure you post your designs in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group! Follow us on all of the socials including @beadalon and @meredithjoydesigns on Instagram!

Until next time, happy beading!