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Do you wear one necklace at a time, or do you like to layer up a "neck mess"?


Since we aren't able to visit together in person in Tucson this year, designer extraordinaire, Deb Floros, joined me for a Facebook Live instead. I'm so glad that she did because she helped me think about layering necklaces in a whole new way!  

Here are some of Deb's thoughts on layering:
- don't get hung up on getting it "perfect"
- don't feel like you have to keep it to an odd number - experiment with two necklaces together
- try pairing a shorter necklace in metal with a longer necklace in gemstones
- two necklaces can have a big impact if they have a lot to say.
- there are no rules! 
- don't dismiss chokers as a style of the past.

My big revelation? While you can layer down, you can also layer up! Not only that, but in this project, Deb uses chain to fill the negative space between the choker and the layered necklace below. Flipping the Memory Wire around, so the opening is in the front, is also a great way to play around with design possibilities. I love flipping design elements on their heads and thinking about using a stringing material in a new way!

The other take-away from our Facebook visit - shorter necklaces are perfect for Zoom calls! Longer necklaces won't be seen on screen, so a memory wire choker is a perfect Zoom accessory. Since I have zoom calls all the time, I will definitely use Deb's tips and layer shorter necklaces to pull myself together.



Size 8 Hex Seed Beads
Hill Tribe Silver beads with curved tube holes

Step 1
Cut 2 sets of 5 pieces of Chain each tapered from 3 inches to 2 inches and 1.75 coils of Memory Wire.

Step 2
Add a piece of tape on one end of the Memory Wire to prevent the beads from falling off. String the seed beads onto the Memory Wire leaving about 6 inches from the end. String on one large bead, one seed bead 2 times. 

Add 5 of the tapered pieces of chain in order from longest to shortest.

Coil the end of the Memory Wire using the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers.

Slide the tape off of the other end. String the large, flat, silver beads on the other side to mirror the other side. String the other 5 pieces of chain in order from longest to shortest again.

Make sure your necklace is the length you'd like, make adjustments as necessary.

Coil up the end of the Memory Wire.

Pair your choker with a longer, collar or princess length necklace, and show off your "boardroom bling" in your next Zoom meeting!

Deb gave me so much food for thought about designing with Memory Wire. The idea of turning the Memory Wire around to the front opens up all kinds of new possibilities! Have you used a stringing material in a non-traditional way? Share your creations on the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group. Don't forget to follow us on all of the socials, and tag Beadalon when you post your designs with #makeitwithbeadalon.

In case you missed it, you can watch the Facebook Live Replay here

Until next time, Happy beading!