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Needles are some of the most important tools in my Jewelry Making Toolbox, and just like with tools, I always use the right needle for the job at hand. Luckily, Beadalon has all of the different needles I need to make my beadwork as efficient, professional, and accessible as possible.

Which needle is right for your project? Here's the breakdown of each type of Beadalon needle and what they are best for. And the best news? You don't have to chose just one needle - we now offer three variety packs - one with an assortment of Big Eye Beading Needles, one with an assortment of Collapsible Eye Needles, and one with an assortment of 4 different needles - #10, #12, Big Eye and Collapsible Eye. We've also added more sizes and diameters of needles, so you'll always be able to find one that works best for you and your project.

Collapsible Eye Needles
A collapsible eye needle saves you time and effort when you are stringing beads onto wire or thread. The specially designed eye automatically collapses and instantly reshapes when it is pulled through the beads. Because the eye is large, it is easy to thread thicker stringing material. 

Twisted Beading Needles

Create your own needles like the ones found on carded silk cord. These value priced, high quality, single use needles have a large, circular eye that is easy to thread with thicker materials. The eye will close after being pulled through the first bead to help hold the stringing material more securely.

Elastic Cord Needle 

Transferring beads and pearls from the needle to DIY bracelet strings is easy with the Beadalon elastic cord needle. Use this needle to fit beads with 0.79 mm hole or larger.
The Jewel Loom Needle is ideal for using with all loom and off-loom bead stitching. The needle diameter is 0.46 mm (0.18 in), and fits cord sizes up to 0.28 mm (.011 in); The long needle length of 8 cm (3.125 in) is ideal for making beaded fringe. 
Thread your needle in a snap! The big eye helps to eliminate eye strain when you are stringing thread on a needle. Plus, the needle itself is carefully sharpened for precise use. Made from special, high-tensile Beadalon stainless steel wire, the needle is very flexible, making it ideal for stringing beads individually or from a tray. Fits many sizes of bead cord.
These English-style needles are rigid, so they are perfect for sewing beads on projects, stringing beads with thread or using on a bead loom. They work well with DandyLine™ Stringing Thread, WildFire™ Bead Weaving Thread, Supplemax, stretch cord, silk thread and other cords. Use the included threader for quick and easy threading. Available in size 10 and size 12. We also have a size 13 needle - the WildFire Beading Needle - which is perfect for beadweaving projects.

The Big Eye Curved Beading Needle makes threading beads from the Spin-N-Bead bead loaders fast and easy- seed beads just jump onto the curved needle like magic! The Rigid Curved Beading Needle has an eye like a hard beading needle, and a curved end designed to use with the Spin-N-Bead bead loader. 

There is so much more information about all of our needles on the Beadalon website. Be sure to visit to find out about the needles' diameters, lengths and more. 

I was so happy to talk all about needles in this Facebook Live. Do you have a favorite needle that's your go-to? What project do you use it for? Let us know in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group. Follow us on the socials, tag us when you post a project with #beadalon, and set your reminders for 2pm ET to catch us live on Facebook. 

Until next time, happy beading!