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Make a brick stitch pendant using WildFire and QuickLinks

I love taking an idea an putting a Beadalon twist on it. Beadalon sales executive, Kelli, sent me a link to a video that our friends at Beadaholique had made showing how to brick stitch beads onto a ring. I loved the technique and knew that Beadalon QuickLinks were the perfect links to bead around. Instead of keeping the rings whole, though, I cut them and turned the sides into loops like I did with these Quick Earrings with QuickLinks. I love how the components turned out!

One of my favorite ways to turn components into jewelry is to use the Beadalon Diamond Cut Ball Chain with the Ball Chain Ends. It's super sparkly and really easy to work with. I also made some earrings using the same technique. The stitching works up quickly, and uses only about 45 Delica Beads per row - a great way to use up leftover beads from another project.

20 mm Round QuickLinks
Delica Beads
Beading Needles
Diamond Cut Ball Chain
Ball Chain Ends
Lobster Clasp
Chain Maille Jump Rings

Memory Wire Shears
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
WildFire Cord Cutter

  1. Use the Memory Wire Shears to cut a notch in the QuickLink. 
  2. Use the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to turn down a ring on either side of the cut.
  3. Use a surgeon's knot to secure the end of the WildFire to the QuickLink next to the loop.
  4. Pick up two Delica Beads.
  5. Pull them down against the QuickLink, and set them next to each other.
  6. Thread the needle through the center of the QuickLink, and back up through the second Delica Bead. Pull your thread to lock the two beads in place.
  7. Pick up one Delica Bead.
  8. Thread the needle through the center of the QuickLink and stitch up through the bottom of the bead you just added. 
  9. Pull everything tight.
  10. Continue adding beads until you fill up all of the space on the ring until the next loop.
  11. When you are ready to start the next row, pick up one Delica bead, thread your needle under the thread that in between the last two beads on the first row, pull the thread all the way through, then sew up through the bead you just added. Pull everything tight.
  12. Continue adding beads around to the end of the row.
  13. When you reach the end of the second row, repeat step 11 to continue with Row 3. 
  14. Add as many rows as you'd like!
  15. Weave your end back through the beadwork and use the WildFire Cord Cutter to trim off the ends.
  16. Make another component for a pair of earrings, or add it to a chain for a necklace!
We are gearing up for a great year of Facebook Lives, and I'm so excited for all of the good suggestions that people gave for future tutorials. Is there anything that you'd like to see me do a Facebook Live on? Let me know in the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group, or shoot me a message.

Until next time - happy beading!