Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Beadalon Design Team News

While everyone takes a little breather between holidays, the Beadalon Design Team is up to its ears in preparations for the coming year. The new Beadalon catalog will be released at the end of January, with more than 200 new products! That means more new designs to share and lots to do. Here’s a sneak peek:

In January, Katie will start the month by taping the next series of the public television show Beads, Baubles and Jewels. Beadalon has proudly sponsored the show since its inception and it is now in its twelfth season! Check your local station for viewing times.

We’ll all spend time this month preparing for upcoming workshops by assembling kits and reviewing our BeadMaster presentations. (If you’ve never experienced BeadMaster before, you can click on the link to see a sample. It’s a revolutionary teaching tool!)

At the end of January, Margot and Katie will teach workshops at the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Show in Anaheim, California. Fernando will demonstrate jewelry making techniques in the Beadalon booth and Katie will present a make-it-take-it with her new signature line. Margot, Katie and Fernando will also do a book signing for Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed in the F+W Publications booth. This show is open to the trade only – if you’re in the industry, we hope to see you there!

- Beadalon Design Team

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holiday!

Wishing you a happy holiday and a season of inspiration from the Beadalon Blog Team.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Be Our Facebook Fan!

We have 10 days to reach our goal of 500 fans by the end of the year. If we meet our goal, we’ll celebrate by giving away an amazing Artistic Wire variety pack! If you aren’t already a fan, make sure you become one so you’ll be entered in our drawing. Invite your friends!

When you become our fan, you can share your pix with our Facebook community. Wendy Manz posted this Artistic Wire creation.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Pattern: Square Duo Necklace

Are you still looking for the perfect necklace to wear to your next holiday party? Try this stylish take on a multiple strand chain from our Design Workshop – your inner diva will thank you!

Materials & Tools

• Two 30mm crystal silver shade Crystallized elements with Swarovski®

• 2 ft gold plated small oval Quick Links chain (340A-310)

• 1 ft silver plated small oval quick link chain (340B-310)

• One ½ ft silver plated round dash quick links chain (340B-350)

• Fifteen Quick Links connectors (326B-414)

• Six silver plated pinch bails (327B-024)

• Two gold plated pinch bails (327A-024)

• Beadstrom semi-flush cutters (202P-015)

• Beadstrom chain nose pliers (201P-011)

Designer’s tips:

You can make this necklace longer or shorter. Just add or subtract the amount of links and use connectors to make the pattern that suits you the most.

1. Remove 3 big gold plated oval links from gold plated oval link chain keeping connector on both sides. Set aside.

2. Cut a 13” length of round dash chain. Cut one link of chain( 2inches away from one of the ends) and replace with a big gold oval link from step 2. Attach both ends using the connectors that come already with it. Set aside.

3. Cut one 12” length of silver plated oval chain. Remove 2 small oval links so you will end up with 7 big oval links. Then replace one of the big silver plated links with one oval link from step 2. Set aside.

4. Cut one 10” length of silver plated oval quick link chain. This portion must have 5 big oval links alternated by 6 small oval links. Replace one of the links with a oval gold plated link from step 2. Cut and attach it to chain using connectors. Set aside.

5. Using pinch bail pliers to attach one gold pinch bail onto each square stone. Pinch the outer portion of it until both points are inside of hollow hole.

6. Attach round dash chain to stone through pinch bail rings using one silver plated connector on each side. This is the longer strand of your necklace.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to attach chain section from step 3 to stone. Use silver plated connectors.

8. Repeat previous step to attach shortest chain (step4).

9. Attach one silver plated pinch bail to each of the opposite side of square stone .

10. Cut two 7” piece of gold plated oval chain. This portion must have 4 big oval links and 3 small.

11. Attach to pinch bail from step 9 to create the back of your necklace.

12. Add EZ lobster clasp to one of the ends and your necklace is ready.


1. Cut 2 sections of oval quick link keeping a single oval quick link between 2 large oval quick links and then set them aside.

2. Cut four 2 ‘ of pink chain and set them aside.

3. Attach round quick link to oval quick link using quick link connector. Add two pieces from step 4 to other side of oval quick link using another connector.

4. Attach the other side of quick link from step 5 to a flower quick link and one piece from step 1.

5. Attach one section from step 2 to previous piece. Repeat step 6 adding another section of crystal bicone and one flower quick link.

6. Attach two 3’ pieces of chain to previous flower quick link.

7. Add one section from step 2 to piece form step 8 and another chain section to it.

8. Add one more section form step 6, plus one oval quick link and one more flower quick link.

9. Add one more section of 2 pink chains.

10. Attach previous section to one single oval quick link and this one to one round quick link.

11. Add last flower quick link with bicone to same round quick link from step

12. This is the middle of your necklace. Add the two last pieces of pink chain to this link.

13. Add two small crystal bicone to the end of each strand of pink chain.

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Square Duo Necklace © 2009 Fernando Dasilva, this design is intended for inspiration only

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birds of a Feather Ornament

Two tiny red cardinals perch on a snowy branch suspended from a wire and crystal wrapped handle. This charming ornament is simple to make with a little basic wire wrapping skill and some easy-to-find and use basic craft supplies.


12 6mm crystal ab CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements flower beads

1 pewter twig Ornamentea

2 feathered cardinals Nicole™ Mini Tree Treasures

Snow-Tex™ DecoArt™

Glass Glitter Shards Krystallos Barbara Trombly's

6” 16 gauge ColourCraft Wire Beadalon®

36” 24 gauge fine German Wire Beadalon®


Wire cutters

Chain nose pliers

Paint Brush or small spatula


1. Create the handle on twig using 16 or 18 gauge craft wire. Wrap wire around one end of twig three times tightly. Bend into a handle and repeat wrapping process on other side. Use fingers to bend wire gently creating some movement and interest in the shape. Cut off any excess wire. Tuck the wire tails under with chain nose pliers.

2. Wrap 24 gauge German style plated wire around one side of handle about 3 times. Continue to wrap it around the length of the handle leaving space between your loops.

3. When you reach the other side, wrap it tightly twice around bottom of handle, wrap back up about ten times coiling it around base wire. Thread a flower bead on wire. Position bead toward the front of the wire again leaving space and wrap around the base wire 3 times tightly.

4. Continue wrapping and adding beads leaving space between each beaded segment. The idea is to leave the wire underneath exposed for a vine like effect.

5. When you reach the opposite side wrap the wire around about 10 times, cut the excess wire and tuck it under with chain nose pliers. This wrapping doesn’t have to be perfectly perfect, in fact the less perfect, the more rustic and primitive this design will be. It’s up to you how you want it to look!

6. Paint snow on branch using the non-bristle end of a paintbrush to apply in chunks. Put as much snow as you like on the branch, some will come off after you add the birds and you can reapply carefully then.

7. Sprinkle the wet snow with a liberal dose of glitter. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight.

8. Use wires on birds to wrap them around the branch. You will lose some snow, reapply after the birds are secure on the branch and allow snow medium to dry again.

9. As always, after hanging on your tree, enjoy a tasty hot buttered rum, egg nog or beverage of your choice! Perhaps with a side of sugar cookies...

Until next time...craft on with your bad selves.

-Margot Potter for Beadalon

Birds of a Feather Ornament © 2008 Margot Potter, this design is intended for personal use only and not for resale.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Technicolour Bracelet

Holiday time is the perfect time to make jewelry – it reduces stress, plus, then you have more jewelry to sell or give as gifts! Make twisted jump rings galore and combine them with Crystallized™ - Swarovski Elements for unique, one-of-a-kind statement jewelry.

• Materials & Tools •

• Four 17mm Burgundy CRYSTALLIZED™ polygon pendant Article 6015

• Nineteen silver plated 4mm jump rings – 314B-003

• Three gold plated 6mm jump rings – 314A-005

• Twenty-two copper 6mm jump rings – 314P-005

• One oval rhodium plated Upper Clasp with crystal belt – 303W-277

• Four silver plated medium bails – 327B-010

• 4 ft 24 gauge brown ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Brown

• 1 ft 24 gauge red ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Red

• 1 ft 24 gauge gold ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Gold

• ColourCraft® Wire Twister – 228A-100

• Jump ring maker tool – 228A-051

• Flush cutters – 202E-001

• Jump ring opener tool – JTJRT

• Instructions •

1. Open one 4mm jump ring and attach to one ring of clasp. Close jump ring gently.

2. Cut brown wire in 3 pieces of 1ft each. Place each wire onto a hole of disc of wire twister and attach wires to sturdy object. Pull the wires straight and start twisting wires until it breaks by itself.

3. Screw 14mm mandrel into the base of jump ring tool. Insert one inch of brown twisted wire into hole of mandrel base and fold down. Insert your finger into the large hole in the base and start turning clockwise while holding mandrel and wire on the other hand. Use flush cutters to cut 4 rings.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make ten 12mm multicolored twisted jump rings.

5. Once you have all twisted rings ready start linking rings following pattern below:

6. Open one copper jump ring, attach to 4mm jump ring and then attach to one 14mm brown ring and one 12mm multicolored ring. Close carefully and then add a second copper jump ring.

7. Attach section from step 6 to 3 copper jump rings and then to one multicolored ring.

8. Now attach one 4mm jump ring to section from step 7, add one gold plated jump ring and another 4mm jump ring. Close jump ring gently. Add a second 4mm jump ring to same section.

9. Open one 4mm jump ring attach to section from step 8 and then attach to one multicolored ring. Close gently and add a second 4mm jump ring on same manner.

10. Attach 3 copper jump rings to previous section and then to a 14mm ring and one 12mm ring. Close carefully. Repeat all steps until you have a 4th 14mm ring attached to entire linked section.

11. Attach clasp to bracelet structure using a single 4mm jump ring on each side of clasp.

12. Open gently with your fingers seems of twisted rings and add a pendant pinch bail to each section. Close carefully.

13. Close bail around pendant holes.

Optional: Add a dab of BeadFix to each seems of twisted rings and let it dry.

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Technicolour Bracelet © 2009 Fernando Dasilva, this design is intended for inspiration only

Monday, December 7, 2009

Embellished Jewelry Pouches & Giveaway

This year, several people on my holiday gift list are getting jewelry. (Shh…don’t tell!) My mother-in-law likes toggle bracelets and my sister has her eye on a long necklace that she can wear to work. Since they can surely guess they’ll be getting jewelry from me, I like to add a little something extra with the packaging.

I’m planning to present each design in a little organza jewelry pouch with a personalized tag. I use an embellished cell phone strap to attach the tag, so the recipient can cut off the paper tag and attach the charm to her phone or media player. If you have a little more time, you could make the whole piece more permanent by using a custom metal or resin name charm. These cute embellished pouches also make fun packages for party favors, stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts.

Are you making lots of jewelry gifts this year? Post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select one lucky winner to receive a package of cell phone straps and a selection of organza jewelry pouches. We’ll collect comments for one week.

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beadalon Acquires Artistic Wire


Beadalon Acquires Artistic Wire

Valley Township, PA (December 1, 2009) – Beadalon, the leading manufacturer of bead stringing wire and jewelry making products, announced today that they acquired Artistic Wire, supplier of permanently colored copper wire and tools.

“Artistic Wire is an excellent fit for Beadalon. Artistic Wire is the leading brand of permanently colored wire for jewelry and crafts, and they offer the largest selection of wire with 13 gauges and 55 colors,” said James F. Clark, president of Beadalon. “And Beadalon is the leading manufacturer of bead stringing wire. We have been making wire for 33 years. The two product lines complement one another, and our in-house manufacturing and spooling capability enable us to control quality, speed delivery times, and to engineer and develop new products into the future.”

“Beadalon has the marketing, sales, and operations to grow Artistic Wire in ways that we could not. Under their direction, our customers will gain access to a wide range of high quality jewelry making and fashion craft products,” said Sean O’Brien, Vice President of Artistic Wire. “Beadalon also has a talented design team and the company places strong emphasis on educating consumers and showing them step-by-step how to use the wire and tools to make finished designs.”

“The timing of this transaction could not be better. Metal-smithing and wire wrapping are among the fastest growing trends in the fashion craft market right now, “ said Michael J. Shields, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Beadalon. “This acquisition gives Beadalon and our customers immediate access to the very products that consumers are craving. In addition, we will introduce over 225 new products in January, many of which are for wire working, and this combination will keep our brand in front of the market. Plus, Artistic Wire has a strong presence in scrapbooking and the paper craft segments, which helps to diversify our business.”

Customers on both sides of this transaction will benefit on day one from improved packaging, new Artistic Wire products, and the expanded care of Beadalon’s larger customer service and sales staff. Distributors and wholesalers will also be able to utilize Beadalon’s convenient on-line ordering website to place orders and check purchase history. Consumers will benefit from enhanced packaging and from the continuous stream of step-by-step instructions and a wider range of helpful tips on using the products to make great jewelry and crafts. The company also plans to develop new, innovative merchandise and to grow both product lines.

Artistic Wire has been in business since 1996 and is the leading supplier of high quality colored wire to the bead and craft industries. They offer the most extensive line of colored wire, including permanently colored copper wire, non-tarnish brass, non-tarnish silver plated and non-tarnish silver-plated colored wire. Artistic Wire products are used for jewelry, beading, scrapbooking, stamping, home & garden d├ęcor, and various other applications.

Beadalon has been manufacturing wire in the USA since 1976 and is the originator of flexible bead stringing wires. Beadalon is the only company in the industry that actually makes its own wire. The company offers a full range of beading supplies, including the largest selection of bead stringing wire, exclusive cords and stringing accessories, innovative findings, wire wrapping supplies, organizers, tools, and more. Beadalon provides high quality products, competitive prices, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery.

Ask your retailer for Beadalon and Artistic Wire branded products. For more information, please visit our websites at and, or call us toll free at 1 (866) 423-2325. High-resolution images of all Beadalon and Artistic Wire products are available upon request.

Contact: Yvette Rodriguez Beadalon
Event Manager/Marketing Coordinator
1 (866) 423-2325, extension 102